Touching moment Queen’s corgis stand outside Windsor Castle to pay final farewell


This is the emotional moment Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved dogs are waiting outside Windsor Castle to give a final farewell to her majesty.

The Queen’s coffin was escorted at the Windsor Castle as the final part of the procession, and it was lowered down into St George’s Chapel’s vault. So among the countless people who wished to pay their final respects to the beloved queen, her majesty’s corgis – Muick and Sandy – were also there.

The two dogs were brought outside the castle, where two royal aides accompanied them, to say their final goodbye to the monarch! Watch the moment here:

Accompanied by two aides, Sandy and Muick were given the chance to say a final farewell to their human mom, Queen Elizabeth II!

At some point Prince Andrew – who looked extremely moved by the events – even paid a short visit to the Muick and Sandy. He an his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie have gifted the two dogs to the Queen, last year, shortly after the Prince Philip’s passing.

Now, after the death of the Queen, the two dogs will be adopted by the the Duke and Duchess of York.

But Muick and Sandy weren’t the only royal pets brought out for the procession.

Another touching moment was when the Queen’s pony Emma joined the crowd to say a final goodbye!
of dogs, especially corgis, mostly for their “energy and untamed spirit,” as the late monarch once said. During her over 70-year long reign, the Queen owned over 30 dogs.

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