Meet ‘Madame Eyebrows’, The English Bulldog Who Looks Always In A Bad Mood


Have you ever wondered what true happiness looked like? Well, just look at a dog and you’ll have your answer.

Although most dogs always look like they’ve just won the lottery, there are also some dogs that perpetually look sad and worried. Just like this English Bulldog from Germany, Madame Eyebrows.

She was born with spots above her eyes that look just like eyebrows, hence her name. Her eyebrows make her incredibly unique, but they also make her look dejected and sad. But don’t judge Madame Eyebrows for her spots just yet.

According to her humans, she is actually a friendly and energetic pet. A few minutes with her and you won’t even see her sad face anymore, all you’ll see is a funny and loving dog.

If you want to see more of Madame Eyebrows’ unique adorableness, you can follow her on her Instagram.



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