10+ pics. Animals That Completely Look Like Famous Celebrities. Agree or not?


Have you ever met your doppelganger? Even better, have you met your animal doppelganger?

You read that right – some dogs and cats may actually look a lot like you! Take the pets on the list below for example – they look like Russia’s fearless president Vladimir Putin or Hollywood actor Ron Perlman.

The similarities are incredible – of course, the pets are bit furrier than their human counterparts, but everything else is spot on. Take a look at the list (#6 is our favorite!)

1. Dog is similar to Putin


2. This Dog Looks Like Snoop Dog

3. This Dog Looks Like Samuel L. Jackson

4. Snowball The Kitler Cat

5. A Dog Looks Like John Travolta

6. Dog Looks Like Richard Branson

7. This Dog Looks Like William H. Macy

8. This Dog Looks Like Ron Perlman

9. This Caterpillar Looks Like Donald Trump’s Hair

11. Happy Llama Looks Like Happy Dalai Lama

12. The Lesula Monkey Looks Like Adrien Brody

13.Sad Dog Looks Like Peyton Manning

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