A touching footage. Dog Has Most Touching Reaction Seeing Portrait Of His Brother Who Passed Away


I can’t even imagine how heartbreaking might be to lose a puppy. A feeling shared by each and every dog lover out there. Unfortunately, we cannot control those things, but at least we can do is to keep the memory alive.

When Smiff passed away last month, his family was heartbroken. However, they all keep the sweet dog into their hearts.

But to honor his memory, his mom Libby Davey decided to order a painting of her late furry companion and hang it in the living room, for Smiff to never be forgotten.

A nice gesture for a faithful dog. However, Libby would have never guessed that Smiff fur brother, Frank is as much affected by the loss, as they were.

So when Frank has spotted the portrait of his late brother on the wall, he had one of the most touching reaction a dog could ever have.

The woman captured on camera the moving scene and shared it on Facebook with the message : “I think Frank knows that’s a painting of his brother.” Well, judging by his reaction, he definitely does.

Have a look:

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