Footage. Singing French Bulldog has unique vocals for every emotion


Rachel & Matt were proud parents of a French Bulldog named Lola Barksdale. This small dog had impressed her mom and dad with her unique vocals. The little dog had recently started throwing her head in the air and singing as loud as possible.

Lola had become a complete songstress. She really enjoyed the sound of her own voice and had now become a “singing potato.” The cute pooch sang the songs with all her might and was a dedicated singer.

Lola even acknowledged her audience, after which she would continue to sing. The dog loved to be the center of attention. The pooch was really proud of what she was doing, and her performance was only to impress her parents.

This was Lola’s way of bonding with her humans. The little dog had always been super vocal, and the parents thought of her as a singing diva. Rachel believed the pooch was very determined and specific.

Lola knew precisely what she wanted. The little dog wanted to be involved in everything in her house. Matt believed that the pooch definitely ruled their home. In addition, the dog’s dad thought she was funny because of how expressive she was.

Rachel had even felt that the dog even talked to her sometimes in her own language. The French Bulldog had a habit of squeaking whenever she ate. However, if she was excited, Lola would make these purring noises.

Lola was super happy and a very expressive dog. The little pooch had a different noise for every emotion. The little one was a little child for Rachel and Matt, and they couldn’t imagine their life without Lola.

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