Watch 6 years old dog whisperer rescues a pooch in Hollister


A dog named Daisy did not live in the house where he was adopted for only two months. The family members tried to catch the canine but in vain.

The dog changed his attitude when the six years old girl came near. Daisy lived a ver difficult life until a kind family adopted him.

The dog did not stay here long and escaped from this place. The dog got lost. The dog did not eat whatever he was suggested.

One of the neighbours named the Toppers decided to take the dog as they looked after 75 dogs. They just wanted to rescue the dog.

The little girl tried to gain the trust of the dog in different ways. Daidy was trianed to be a therapy dog.

Ava wants to share Daisy to help comfort and show love to other kids who are suffering like she did. We are sure these two will do just that and will share many years of amazing friendship. Ava and Megan also share a close friendship and bond over the love of pets they share.

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