A couple is astonished to find out that their ‘baby watermelon’ is basically an animal

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L.orry was out trekking with his wife, taking in the land.scape and explore nature. His eyes went dow.n to the ground at one point, and he suddenly re.alised the oddest thing on his wife’s sock.

It resembled a baby watermelon or a small, lumpy cucumber. However, upon closer examination, the pair disc.overed that the small creature was, in fact, a spider.

«We recognized that it was a small spider, and it had begun to spin a web,» Lorry explained . «We placed it softly on the ground where I tried to take the photograph.»

The unusual little spider does resemble a small fruit or vegetable instead of a creature, that’s why they have the name cucumber spider.

Cucumber animals don’t use a hideout, but they’re aw.esome at concealing themselves in plain vie.w or messing it up long enough to go aw.ay, so it’s cool that Lorry and his second half met one.

A small crea.ture apparently went on her way, clam.bering along the path like a tiny strolling melon. What a beautif.ul moment.

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