After coming to this world the newborn greeted her Dad in a very special way that will make you become covered by goosebumps

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Dad has always cared for his daughter during the 9 months. He used to talk to the baby girl during the 9 months.

The very usually moment how the daughter met Dad will make your day. Baby Antonella gave a bright smile to her Dad.

Meeting the baby very frist time is very exciting and special moment. When Dad and daughter first met the daughter started to smile.

When Antonella was in the tummy of her mother her Dad used to talk to her and this reaction of the girl is the true proof.

The Dad used to say wa words to the girl in the mother’s tummy and went to work. The girl mother felt how the daughter moved actively as she heard her dad’s voice. She ciuld distinguish voices.

This reaction was confirmed after birth of the baby. As Flavio saw the baby girl for the first time the girl started to smile. The baby gave a cutest smile to Dad.

Dad said that he could not explain what he felt when he saw the cutest smile of his daughter. This was the greatest achievment for the Dad.

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