Photos. Gorgeous Ρlumage Of Rainbow-Colored Τones, The ΒΙue-Winged Pitta Is Α Τruly Οutstanding Βird


Τhe blue-winged pitta is a truly outstanding bird. It is gifted with gorgeous plumage of rainbow-colored tones, making it conspicuous whenever it is.

These beautiful creatures have a white collar, a greenish upper body, yellowish underparts, blue wings, and fiery red vent. Take a closer look at their eyes, you will see a buff stripe above them.

Young pittas, however, wear a duller coat.

The striking yet shy blue-winged pitta is a passerine bird in the Pittidae family. It may fly away before you take out your camera. Just be patient to snap beautiful pictures of it!

This bird species distributes from India into Malaysia and Indonesia, down into southern China and the Philipines.

It can be found in moist wooded areas, gardens, and parks. This species doesn’t prefer living in densely forested areas.

Regarding its diet, blue-winged pittas eat snails, crickets, ants, and earthworms. They seek their prey through fallen leaves.

When spring comes, this bird starts its breeding season. Female birds build a sphere-shaped nest on the ground. They then lay 5 eggs in.

Unlike many bird species, male blue-winged pittas join the females in the incubation process. This lasts about 16 days

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