When choosing a pet, it can be difficult to decide on the breed. Maybe consult a horoscope?


When choosing a pet, it can be difficult to decide on the breed. Maybe consult a horoscope?

The choice of a four-legged friend should be thoughtful and irreplaceable. He must choose the specifics of the place of residence, the features of care and the nature of the future pet.

If everything fits together, maybe we should also ask the stars? Choosing a dog according to the zodiac sign can be one of the main clues when choosing a pet.

It is believed that Aries are responsible, energetic, straightforward and at the same time they are natural leaders. Active and perfect breeds are suitable for this sign – Alabai, German Shepherd, Boxer.

Together with such a dog, you can move a lot on the fresh shore and dump excess energy. In addition, there is a need for a dress, so Aries gives the opportunity to their leadership inclinations.

Horoscopes say that Taurus is hardworking, calm and stubborn. At the same time, they value comfort and convenience very much. Therefore, most often this occurs in people prone to heredity in the content of breeds that do not require the constant involvement of the owners.

An ideal acquisition would be decorative companion dogs, for example, Yorkshire Terriers – they can be taught to a tray or a diaper, and then you can do without daily walking.


Representatives of this sign are intellectuals, dual natures, adventurers. They cause constant variety and new emotions, so there is more than one dog. Suitable breeds include Labrador Retrievers, Border Collies, Cocker Spaniels – phrases, active and sociable pets.


People born under the sign of Cancer have a gentle and sensitive naturalness, prone to romance and melancholy. They are good families, caring parents and spouses. For them, the optimal dog will be one that is able to show negativity and restore peace of mind – a royal poodle, a Maltese, a golden retriever. Any decorative long-haired breeds are also suitable: caring for them will be a kind of anti-stress.

A Lion

Lions and Lionesses are optimists, leaders by nature, purposeful and responsible people. Representatives of this fire sign need a dog as bright and charismatic as they are. These are such breeds as bullmastiff, Afghan hound, Doberman dogs – beautiful and perfect, suitable companions for a royal individual.


Which dog is suitable for Virgo zodiac sign? It is well known that this sign is distinguished by thriftiness, discipline and diligence. At the same time, Virgos do not show increased attention, so they need a dog – obedient and careful. Suitable breeds include Italian Greyhound, Dachshund, Standard Schnauzer. However, Virgo will be able to train any dog ​​the way she needs.


Despite their insecurities and a penchant for the inevitable, Libra people have massive well-being: they are humble, charming, and diplomatic. A calm and positive dog will suit them, which will give the owner great confidence: pug, sharpei, poodle.


Scorpio is the most unusual sign of the zodiac, characterized by a bright temperament, straightforwardness, composure and magnetism. Next to the Scorpions, there are incandescent conditions – her smiling Welsh Corgi, positive Labrador or faithful shepherd will help to defuse.

Sagittarius people are active and adventurous, easy to communicate with and prone to travel. They are ready to sacrifice comfort for the sake of new experiences and constant movement. Huskies, German Shepherds or Greyhounds will be exceptionally similar to traveling companions, and many physical withdrawals are also needed.

Horoscopes say that Capricorns are practical, straightforward, purposeful and resistant to human impact. Representatives of this sign can recommend like-minded dogs with a similar character: Rottweilers, English Bulldogs, Chow Chows.

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are romantics, lovers of experiments and rarities. Therefore, they can purchase an unusual breed that is guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention. Dreadlocked Komondor, graceful Saluki or hairless Xoloitzcuintle – these rare breeds are an excellent choice for extravagant Aquarius.

Gentle and dreamy people of this sign need a kind and devoted friend. They need a dog that will not disturb the peace and harmony of the house, but will strengthen them. These are breeds such as Welsh Corgis, Dalmatians, Spaniels.

With these recommendations, it is easier to choose a dog according to the zodiac sign for a person. Or maybe you should adopt a pet from a shelter? Such dogs will be reliable and loving friends, regardless of the constellation under which the owner was born.

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