Man Discovered An Uncommon Crab, His Friend Asked Him To Stay Back

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We are all fans of crabs, in one way or another. Some people make them pets while others prefer to see them. Of course, others love to have it as part of a meal. We all have varied reasons for what we like them for.

All of us also react differently when we spot one. However, what would you do if you came across a crab that looks different from what you are used to seeing? A huge one. what do you do next?

Well, this happened to Mark and a friend of his. His friend just advised him not to move at all. Mark got confused, slowly placed his phone down, and then turned around.

It was then that he spotted from the corner of his eye another claw from the corner swinging to his side.

His heart started beating fast as he wondered what kind of creatures those were.

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