A kind daughter brought home a trembling dog from the street, and the mot could not just drive him away


Yana knows herself as a person who is fond of cats. Whenever she heard meows coming from the street she brought cats from streets to home. She just could not neglect the soft cute creatures.

She did not even think about dogs as she could not imagine that she will have to keep a dog. But everything changed abruptly.

Her daughter who was just nine years old came home with a dog. The girl did not want to leave the dog alone in the street. The girl saw the freezing and trembling dog and decided to bring the dog home.

The dog looked scared. He was trembling from fear and cold. The girl was carrying the dog attached to her chest and the woman knew that she has to keep the dog home as she has no other choice.

The family got close to the puppy and he became the son of the family. The dog was named Mukhtar and the family loves the dog very much. The dog became a part of the family.

The dog walks them for three times and he is the sun in the family giving them.joy and sense to life. Who would think that the dog would have such a good fate thanks to the passing girl who brought the dog home.

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