A tiny rescue dog surprises shelter staff with his charming smile every time and even gets adopted thanks to his smile


Dogs are really unbelievable true friends and sweet creatures. They are very intellegent, too.

It seems as if many dogs know how to attract potential owners to adopt them. They know how to behave in their best way.

All the dogs in the shelters are in need of care and love. They found many ways to attraxt people by waging tails and attract the visitors of the shelter.

One of the dogs in this shelter whose name is Cheech was able to attract one of the visitors with his cute and charmimg smile.

He was taken to the shelter from the streets of Texas by volunteers. When the dog was taken to the shelter he was just snarling and grinning but then he began to become more friendly.

The photos of Cheech spread in the social media and the dog attracted many people with his charming smile. The photo of the dog went viral.

The dog Cheech soon found a home. A woman adopted the dog. The woman’s name is Carrie. Unluckily, she lost one of the her dogs the day before. The other dog could not cope with the loss of his friend that is why she decided to adopt the dog.

Very soon Cheech, Clarie and the other dog named Dusty became true friends and got along very well. The unusual feature of the dog made it possible for the dog to find a forever home.

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