Cool Quiz – What You See First Shows What You’re Running From In Love

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Look at the picture and carefully remember the first thing you see. Then read on to find out what this picture you first saw is about and what you are hiding from in love.
If you have seen…

1. Male face
If you looked at this picture and saw the face of a man, you are a pleasure-oriented person. You don’t like dwelling on negative experiences from your past. For you, life is meant to be lived.

What you run from in a relationship is the fear that others will think you are carrying emotional baggage.

It is normal and natural to enter into a new relationship with the pain of your previous romantic experience. Nobody gets through unscathed. You think you’ll seem more “normal” if you keep quiet about it, but it actually creates a distance between you and your partner and can ruin your chances of lasting love in the long run. So stop.

2. Boy
If the boy is the first thing you see in the picture above, you have a joyful and longing heart. You are happy when you are surrounded by people and things that you love. Nothing makes you happier than this. You don’t like being the center of attention in any way, but that doesn’t mean you don’t like the feeling of being surrounded by famous and loved faces.

In a relationship, you run from the fear of growing up.

You may be an adult, but you have never felt this way. You pay your bills and go to work, but it’s like you’re doing all this to convince others that you’re an adult.

Sometimes you seem completely helpless and it never leaves a good impression. And the truth is, it’s not you. You’re just afraid that if the person you love doesn’t feel needed, you have nothing more to offer.

3. Landscape
If the landscape is the first thing you see, you are the person who is happiest when you dream. Sure, you love your partner and have deep connections with your friends, but you don’t always like the personal touch. You are satisfied with just communicating by e-mail or sms, you do not see the benefits that communication “live” provides.

What you run away from in a relationship is the urgent need for time for yourself.

When you spend time alone, it makes you happy, you feel rested and recharged, but this is not something to be proud of. In fact, you have often said in the past how wrong and/or selfish this is.

You shouldn’t be ashamed that you need time and space, but you should definitely be open about it with your partner. If you can’t ask for what you need, you can’t be angry when you don’t get it.

4. Two huts
If the two huts are the first thing you see in the picture above, you are the person who has probably been accused of being “too sensitive”. You are not like that: you have strong feelings, and when something touches them, you express yourself. You are only human and there is nothing strange or wrong about that.

What you avoid in a relationship is direct conflict.You don’t like criticism. I know who likes it? But you can take even constructive criticism as an attack to destroy you. There is nothing you can do about it, then you feel cornered and feel you have a right to be angry.

Just be careful when you react to make sure you don’t misunderstand someone’s intentions. Anger is a justified feeling when you have a justifiable reason to feel it.

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