Only need a few seconds to be among the 2% with a high IQ if you find the word “Thirty”.


Our brains are so good at recognising patterns and “seeing” that scientists believe optical illusions are familiar objects that our minds work quickly to create a “whole” image from separate pieces.

A human brain can look at things differently from all different angles, and it forms different decisions from all angles.

One illustration that confuses the human mind is the image where an Word Thirty is hidden and has to be found. This image was shared as a puzzle for all age groups.

It has been seen that only 2% of people can find the Word Thirty in this image. Spotting the Hidden Word Thirty can be a little difficult but with a little bit of concentration you can do it.

We hope you have found it on your own; if not, don’t worry. Here is the image showing the Hidden Word Thirty. The moment has come when the Hidden Word Thirty will be revealed.

Check the Image below.

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