Merely skin and bones and badly wounded, he’s taken in by an angel and given his first meal in so long…


*He lay on the si-de of the road, loo-king forwa-rd to the ret-urn of de-ath.ret-urn. He not had ho-pe. He was so exha-usted, sta-rved and af-raid.*

*Fin-ally, after what perc-entage vehi-cles must’ve pas-sed him by, a car st-opped. His guar-dian sp-irit appr-oached him and not-iced an out-sized wou-nd on his back.

*The comb-ination of his injury, malnour-ishment and flea infes-tation had left him too we-ak to fig-ht.

*The dog’s angel brou-ght him to an area she-lter. He was giv-en medi-cation for the fl-eas and his wo-und. He was fina-lly sho-wn love and affe-ction. Th-ey also gave him fo-od and wa-ter!

*The poor str-ay dog is too hun-gry! He eats every-thing as fast as he can, not kno-wing if he will ha-ve ano-ther me-al ag-ain. But the gr-eat news is, he will! No more strug-gling on the str-eets, swe-et boy.

*The she-lter wor-kers ke-ep the wou-nd nice and clean. And with anti-biotics and pro-per care, he beg-ins to heal. In only a mon-th, his wou-nd is prac-tically gone.

*On-ce the pup felt so bet-ter, he was avail-able for ado-ption. He fou-nd a for-ever ho-me with an exqu-isite fam-ily that has ano-ther res-cue dog he can pl-ay with.

*God ble-ss, even as the pup was on the bri-nk of aban-doning, an an-gel appea-red and th-en the rest is his-tory!

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