The Hidden Number 880 can be Spotted by Only 2%

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*Th-ere are a var-iety of Optical illusions, from Cognit-ive and psych-ological to phy-sical. Optical illusions are dee-ply fasc-inating, sha-pe-shif-ting im-ages of Hid-den Number 880 or draw-ings that chall-enge the brai-n’s way of perc-eiving thi-ngs.*

*The field of psycho-analysis thr-ows light on how we per-ceive thin-gs, and studi-es sh-ow that optical illusions are a part of it. Acco-rding to stu-dies, the mo-re chall-enging ridd-les you comp-lete, the wi-ser you get.

*The way our bra-ins fun-ction is alw-ays fasci-natingly reve-aled by optical illusions. Optical illusions pr-ove that rea-lity is const-ructed by one’s br-ain, the way the br-ain sees some-thing it cons-iders that to be its rea-lity.

*The maj-ority of time our bra-ins cre-ate mat-ches from past expe-riences to fill the ga-ps, the vario-us typ-es of illusions gen-erate var-ious answ-ers for our br-ain.

*Our bra-ins are so go-od at recog-nising patt-erns and “seeing” that scie-ntists beli-eve optical illusions are fam-iliar obj-ects that our mi-nds wo-rk qui-ckly to cre-ate a “whole” im-age fr-om sepa-rate pie-ces.

*A hum-an br-ain can look at thi-ngs diffe-rently from all diff-erent ang-les, and it for-ms diffe-rent deci-sions from all ang-les. One illust-ration that conf-uses the hu-man mi-nd is the im-age wh-ere an Number 880 is hid-den and has to be fou-nd.

*This ima-ge was sha-red as a puz-zle for all age gr-oups. It has be-en se-en that only 2% of pe-ople can find the Number 880 in this image. Sp-otting the Hidden Number 880 can be a lit-tle dif-ficult but with a little bit of conce-ntration you can do it!

*Optical illusions are like wal-nuts to the br-ain; they sha-rpen your bra-in’s anal-ytical pow-ers. Our bra-ins uncons-ciously try to meet our de-sire and expec-tations wh-en insea-rch of rea-lity..

*In a ga-me of Optical Illusion one can th-ink that a var-iety of obj-ects mat-ch the obj-ect that one has to fi-nd and that crea-tes the conf-usion maki-ng the bra-in try to differ-entiate betw-een wh-at is real and wh-at lo-oks real.

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