The Hidden Word Yellow can be Spotted by Only 2%

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*Th-ere are a vari-ety of Optical illusions, from Cogn-itive and psychol-ogical to phy-sical. Optical illusions are de-eply fasc-inating, shape-shifting ima-ges of Hid-den Word Yellow or drawi-ngs that cha-llenge the brain’s way of percei-ving thi-ngs.*

*The field of psych-oanalysis thr-ows light on how we perc-eive thi-ngs, and stu-dies show that optical illusions are a pa-rt of it. Acco-rding to stu-dies, the more chall-enging ridd-les you com-plete, the wi-ser you get. The way our bra-ins fun-ction is alwa-ys fasci-natingly reve-aled by optical illusions. Optical ill-usions pr-ove that re-ality is cons-tructed by one’s brain, the way the bra-in sees somet-hing it con-siders that to be its rea-lity.

*The majo-rity of ti-me our brai-ns cre-ate mat-ches from past exper-iences to fill the gaps, the var-ious ty-pes of illusions gen-erate vari-ous answ-ers for our br-ain.

*Our brai-ns are so good at reco-gnising patt-erns and “seeing” that scien-tists beli-eve optical illusions are fam-iliar obje-cts that our mi-nds work qui-ckly to cre-ate a “whole” im-age from separ-ate pi-eces. A hu-man brain can look at thi-ngs diffe-rently from all diff-erent ang-les, and it forms diffe-rent deci-sions fr-om all ang-les. One illus-tration that conf-uses the hu-man mind is the im-age where an Word Yellow is hid-den and has to be fo-und.

*This im-age was sh-ared as a puz-zle for all age gro-ups. It has been seen that only 2% of peo-ple can find the Word Yellow in this im-age. Spot-ting the Hidden Word Yellow can be a little diff-icult but with a litt-le bit of conce-ntration you can do it!

*This illusion chall-enges its vie-wers to find The Word Yell-ow by ask-ing them to “Discover The Word Yellow.” This Optical illusion im-age is just ano-ther fun way to te-st your IQ, but ta-king an ac-tual IQ test to test the IQ is a far bet-ter idea.

*Optical Illusions tac-kle the differ-ence bet-ween what your ey-es see and wh-at the brain perc-eives. For this Optical Illusion you still have time to go back up and sea-rch for the Hid-den Word Yel-low you-rself be-fore we rev-eal the Hid-den Word Yellow in the ima-ge below.

*We ho-pe you have fou-nd it on yo-ur own; if not, don’t worry. He-re is the ima-ge sho-wing the Hidden Word Yellow.

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