Latest social media puzzle. Only 1 percent of people can find how mamy ducks there are in the picture.

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It is very difficult to see and understand how many ducks there are in the picture. At first glance the view is another from the other glance the number is real different.

Here you have to be very attentive and count carefully. As you are so smart and quick thinking seeing and commenting the correct number of the ducks.

Try your best and do not stop observing carefully. This optical illusion has become common in the social media.

The optical illusion attracted large number of audience. Only 1 percent of people gave the correct answer. The task is not so easy as you may think.

Just a hint. There are mini ducks in some ducks and there are ducks which are hidden behind the ducks.

It deserves looking at the picture attentively. This is really challeging task. Here is the answer. There are just sixteen ducks. This brainteaser really challenges the audience and make them think in details.

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