How many T’s are hidden in the picture?

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Brain teasers, crosswords, illusions and other challenges that really get the mind going.

They keep you sharp and alert, something that’s especially important in this day and age, where technology does most of our work for us.

Here comes today’s challenge. Below, you’ll see a picture filled with 7’s. But hiding in the same picture there is a grid of T’s.

Find all the letter T’s in less than 11 seconds. Here is the picture.

Your aim is to find the ones that differ from the rest. It’s not an easy task, so we advise maximum concentration.

Once you focus, however, I know you’ll solve it without any difficulty.There they are, twelve T’s hiding inside the picture.

Not easy, I told you. If you solved it, then give yourself a pat on the shoulder, good job.Now press that SHARE button and see if your friends can succeed as well.

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