You are in the Top 5% if you can spot the odd one out between six women

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Our minds n challenges and adapting to find solutions. Just like our minds get wiser with hazardous tasks, it’s better to challenge ourselves and make better our bodies. So let’s get these optical illusions and brain teasers solved.

The task is to find which is the odd woman out within five seconds. If you can find the odd woman out, you might have a sharp mind. An alert mind can notice the odd woman out very quickly.

While brain teasers such as this one might provide a brief bit of fun, they could also have advantages.

In these Odd One Out Puzzles, provided in each of the puzzles. Spot the odd woman out of these 6 women five of which have
much in common.

There is only one woman that does not follow the required rules which the other five have.

One has to first find this similarity among these numbers and thus identify the odd woman out.

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