In just 7 seconds, put your extra sharp eyes and find the Number 67 among 76

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In this eyesight test, the main aim is to find the number 67 among 76 lies in examining the digits.

The numbers are exceptionally designed to seem similar at first glance, but when you look at the image closely. This shows that the elusive number 67 is hidden in the number 76 in 7 seconds.

Look at the picture from the top part of the number “7” in 76 can be rearranged to form the number “6.”

By rotating the top part of the 7, it becomes transformed into the number 6, creating the hidden number 67 within the unique sequence.

This smart use of eyesight manipulation tests your ability to show little details and chellenges you a unique perspective in solving the puzzle.

If you could spot this transformation in 7 seconds. We congratulate you on having extra eagle eyes. If you found the answer comment below and try our previous optical illsuions.

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