Try to find the only difference in the image in 9 seconds

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*Test your ability to see things! Imme-rse you-rself in this visual puzzle, focus on the small details and try to find the differe-nces.
Optical illusions are fascin-ating tricks related to how we see things that make us doubt what is real.

*They use colors, patterns and depth to create pain-tings that surprise us. Artists and scientists use these illusions to figure out how our brains und-erstand what we see.

*From pictures that may look different to tricks with size and perspective, these puzzles attract our attention and make us think about how we see the world.

*The great thing about optical illusions is that they teach us that our eyes don’t always see the truth. Our brain some-times makes assum-ptions or complements missing fragments, which can create illusions.

*Imag-ine that you are looking at a picture that seems to shift and move, but if you look closely, you will see that it is com-pletely motionless. Sometimes it seems that this image changes its shape or color if you look at it for a while.

*Try to find the differences:

*These tricks happen because our eyes and brain don’t always under-stand things the same way. This is an optical illusion in action.
Try to find the only differ-ences of the dog in the picture in 9 seconds:.

*In this optical illusion, you need to find three things that are diff-erent in the two images. You only have 9 seconds! This is a test to see how well you notice small chang-es quickly. To play, you need to look at both photos very carefully. Check and find the three differ-ences in the image.

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