Can you spot the differences of the positive picture of the cook?

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The dynamics of this viral exercise are extremely simple. You must find the 12 differences in the shortest time possible.

Remember that only 1% managed to face this challenge without much effort, so you will have to do everything on your part if you want to pass this test.What are the 12 differences in this mental challenge?

You must review every detail of this image, since at first glance it seems that everything is ‘correct’, but nothing is what it seems and there are 12 differences almost imperceptible to the human eye. Remember that you only have 7 seconds to locate them all. Are you ready? Forward!

You have 7 seconds to locate all the inequalities. We present the answer to the challenge for BRILLIANT people
How did it go?

If you managed to locate all the inequalities, you have all our admiration, since this mental challenge is too EXTREME. If you didn’t get it, don’t feel bad and check the following image in which we leave you the exact location of each of them.

Did you manage to see all the differences?
The best way to overcome this type of mental tests is practice, so we leave you a video with a new higher level challenge. Can you face it?

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