Can you find the 7 differences? Only a ‘GENIUS’ can overcome this challenge in 17 seconds


The dynamics of this EXTREME mental test is to find the 7 differences in the image in the shortest time possible.

Keep in mind 7 seconds to complete the exercise and show off that you are the smartest. Are you ready?

Will you be able to find the 7 differences?
Look at the following image of a mischievous owl.

Remember that you must carefully review every detail and analyze the situation well, since it will depend on whether you can sell this visual challenge in seconds and set a new record. The test will start at 3, 2, 1. Forward.

How did it go? If you were able to overcome this complicated visual challenge, we congratulate you because almost no one could do it and those who have good eyesight were able to face it.

If you couldn’t, don’t feel bad, below we leave you the solution.Know where the 7 differences were.

If you couldn’t face this visual challenge and are looking for the answer that you couldn’t see, don’t hesitate to check the following image.

Without further ado we leave you the solution to this enigmatic mental challenge.

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