Only 1% of people can find the differences in the image of the frog


Optical illusions are a great way to check your mental abilities and thinking skills. Your task is rather tough here.

Visual challenges for adults and children have become a necessity for society. In addition to exercising our memory, it also helps us have a good time with our loved ones.

Do you want to know what your level of observation is? Solve the new online exercise in record time.

You just have to look attentively at the image. Just do your best and concentrate your attention at the optical illusion.

Where were the differences in the image?
If you managed to solve it correctly, congratulations.

Solution. One colour of the nail, the grass, the one leaf of the grass, the tongue, the sign on the womb, the eyelashes, eye brows, the points on the face.

This means that you are there part of the 95% of our users who managed to win the viral challenge.

On the other hand, if you have not been able to locate all the differences in the established time, don’t worry, we will compare the answers here.

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