Only people with high intelligence can find the 6 distinctions in 16 seconds

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Mental games are gaining great popularity in recent months due to the great benefits they provide to the brain, as it keeps it active from start to finish. Would you like to do one?

If yes, your friends we present you with this visual challenge that has caused a stir on the main social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. What is the reason? Few users managed to solve it.

What’s more, only 3% of users were able to fulfill what was requested. Show that your visual abilities are still more relevant than ever and achieve victory in the shortest time possible. We trust you.

Will you find the inequalities in record time?Today’s dynamics are too simple to resolve.

We will present you two images – apparently identical – of a pair of cats that want to taste the food that is on the table, but we must specify that there are  6 differences.

In that sense, you will only have a maximum of 6 seconds to find these dissimilarities. We know that it will not be easy to achieve it because the majority failed, but try it to know what level your visual skills are at. Prepared

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