Spot 10 differences in the image of the happy friends in 10 seconds

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To pass this online exercise you must activate your mind to the maximum, be able to find the correct answer in a matter of a few seconds, but most importantly, today you will be able to know what your true level of capacity, agility and skills is. Are you ready?


Will you be able to solve the mathematical puzzle?Observe the following operation very carefully and manage to find the solution in just 6 seconds.

Remember that although it may seem simple, you must take into account some basics of primary level mathematics. So, take a deep breath, and let’s play! You can beat the viral exercise.

Next, we will present you two images of this visual test that apparently are the same, however, there are differences that you will have to find in just 8 seconds. Good luck, you will need it to succeed.

Can you find the differences in the challenge?Activate your mind and your visual ability to overcome today’s mission, we recommend that you focus on every detail.


Remember that you must measure your time, since only then will this mental exercise be valid. We start in 3,2,1!

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