Find 11 differences in the image of a kitten enjoying her time on the whale in 11 seconds


At first these funny images may seem identical, but if children look closely they will discover 11 differences between both drawings.

Some disparities are very clear, but there are others that are more difficult to detect.

Will the little ones be able to find them? Here’s a hint: the kitten seems more comfortable in one image than the other.

Children are curious by nature, so encouraging their curiosity with games is a great idea.

They will surely be happy to look at detailed images for subtle differences. Without a doubt, it is a very entertaining pastime that consists of comparing two apparently identical images to find their differences.

With this simple game, the little ones at home will not only be able to have fun feeling like Sherlock Holmes or Indiana Jones for a while, but they can also take advantage of the benefits it provides for their development

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