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Optical illusions often challenge our brain to process visual information in unexpected ways. To improve at spotting hidden elements in an image, here are a few tips:

1. Scan the Image Methodically: Look at different sections of the image one at a time rather than trying to take in the whole picture at once.
2. Change Your Perspective: Sometimes looking at the image from a different angle or distance can reveal hidden elements.

3. Look for Patterns: Hidden faces often blend into patterns or backgrounds. Look for anomalies in these patterns.

4. Focus on Details: Faces have distinct features like eyes, noses, and mouths. Try to identify these details within the image.Now, let’s apply these strategies:

1. Identify the Image Sections: Divide the image into quadrants or horizontal and vertical sections.
2. Inspect Each Section: Carefully look at each part of the image, starting from the top left and moving methodically.
3. Adjust Your Focus: Step back or zoom in if possible. Sometimes faces are easier to spot from a different viewpoint.
4. Find Distinct Features: Search for recognizable facial features within the patterns.

While I cannot visually identify specific hidden faces in an image here, you can apply these techniques to improve your ability to spot hidden elements in any optical illusion challenge.

It’s fascinating how exercises like this one can indeed enhance problem-solving skills by encouraging flexible thinking and creative approaches. And optical illusions are always a fun way to test our perception and cognitive abilities!

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