76-year-old Susan Sarandon faced criticism for her clothing choices but had the perfect response for her critics.

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The actress is well-known for her outspokenness both on and off the screen. So, when criticism arose regarding her fashion choices, she chose to impart a lesson or two.

In Hollywood, Susan Sarandon has had a remarkable career, continuing to thrive. She first gained acclaim for her role as Janet Weiss in the 1975 cult classic musical, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Subsequently, she starred in several films that earned critical acclaim, including the beloved “Thelma & Louise,” for which she received a Best Actress nomination at the Academy Awards.

Ultimately, she won an Academy Award for her performance in “Dead Man Walking.”

The actress has consistently advocated for body positivity and utilized her fashion sense as a means of self-expression. She is vocal about the causes she supports and maintains an unapologetic demeanor.

When the actress wore a white jacket with a black bra to a red carpet event, it sparked some controversy. A journalist deemed her attire “totally inappropriate,” but instead of defending herself verbally, the actress chose to convey her message through imagery.

She posted an old picture of herself wearing only underwear, confidently showing off her physique. By letting the image speak for itself, Sarandon effectively silenced anyone questioning what was “appropriate” for her.

The actress isn’t concerned about aging and focuses on what’s important to her. In an interview, she expressed, “When you realize time is finite, unlike how it feels when you’re young.”

She continued, “With an understanding that time is precious, you tend not to waste energy on trivial matters and only surround yourself with people who are vibrant, curious, brave, and adventurous.”

When asked about her youthful appearance, Sarandon simply advised, “To age gracefully, probably laughing a lot, getting regular exercise, eating well, and avoiding excessive sun exposure are the key things.”

The actress emphasized the importance of having a fantastic makeup and hair crew for maintaining one’s appearance. Susan Sarandon is undeniably distinct! She forges her own path and disregards those with negative opinions about her. How do you think she reacted to the critics? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family so they can apply Susan’s approach the next time they face criticism.

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