A story of unnoticed dog, which had a happy ending


A young couple made a decision to adopt a dog as they noticed a photo of a very sad dog and the couple drove six hours to pick the dog from the shelter Dogs are forever best friends of humans.

They are considered to be so lovely, loyal and caring. This couple is a great fun of animals, especially dogs.

They always try to help every unsheltered animal they see.In this case they saw a sad picture of the dog and helped him. The name of the dog was Benji.

The couple took the dog and brought to one of the animal shelter of Los Angeles. The dog was very unhappy and was not communicative.

After a long time the dog changed it’s attitude and became very lively and friendly due to the people who took care of him. If every fan of the dogs tries to help such dogs, our poor unprotected animal world will be protected.

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