PHOTO.A sincere and touching scene. An emotional story about how a cat met her owner after departing for some time


Many people think that cats are very conceited animals. This story is the contrast  proof . You will surely change your mind and thoughts about this. The scene fixed by  security camera proves this.

A lovely  little cat which name is Fu Fu. The owners of Fu Fu  left the cat all alone at home.Ms. Meng left for another country to celebrate with her parents   the Lunar New Year holidays.

Fu Fu  was a shy cat that is why it didn’t go there. Ms. Meng knew  that her cat may be afraid. The owner decided that he won’t take the cat to wholly another place. She thought it would be very difficult for the animal.

She thought that cat would do his every day routine. She even believed that the cat  will  perfectly live and have fun without her. There is a proof that cats love staying alone.

Ms. Meng put much food and water for her cat, so that it will not be thirsty and hungry. Ms. meng always followed  Fu fu’s acts via camera.  She herself also missed the cat seeing every action it did.She was so touched and surprised when she saw her adorable cat’s eyes all filled up with tears.It was evident that the cat  was  missing her owner, Ms. Meng.

The video  shot by security camera was so emotional and warm. Many people admired the cat’s behavior. It impressed especially  Ms Meng.Seeing this she shortened her vacation and immediately came back home to see her beloved and loyal cat.

When she came into the house, Fu Fu cat  ran immediately to meet her. This was so emotional scene. They both hugged and kissed each other. This a proof of real and sincere friendship between cats and their owners. Their bond is very tight.

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