The children helped an invalid cat, but what they noticed was just exciting


The children saw a cat in the yard , they were playing  with the cat. The cat had casts on her leg.The children made a decision to help the injured cat and  take her home.They also decided to ask their mom and dad to rescue the cat’s life.

The parents seeing the broken feet of the cat decided to ask for help from Hamel. Hammel was a person who worked at the rescue community. Hammel told them that he is going to take the cat to the vet, for help and recovery.

One of the girls gave it a name.The name of the cat was Cupcake. Hamel liked the cute name.

At the time when Hamel turned to the vet with the cat. It was proved that the dog did not have al broken legs. The legs were healthy. The result was that someone deliberately put casts on the cat’s legs.

After examining the cat. They concluded that the cat  was malnourished and her weight was lower than normal. The kitten was dehydrated.

Hamel  had never seen such a situation in his life. It  would  surely be impossible to look after the kitten  alone.

The veterinary staff together with Hamel supported the cat and looked after in order her to recover soon. The cat will be ready for adoption when she recovers wholly.

Although the kitten had seen terrible things in her life. She had a tough life.She never stops loving and smiling to people. She goes on loving her new family.

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