A brave man gathers courage and rescues the drowning stray cat


It is very encouraging to see people go out of their way to rescue the lives of animals. As a man tried to rescue a  drowning cat. He encouraged to rescue from floodwaters.  Like one man and even supported the cat to find a new home.

At the time when  his wife saw  a cat in need of help in their yard, Skip Campbell, from Cottage Park, Sacramento, California, was at home.

Skip told KTXL that his wife  had heard a hopeless noise . She looked through the window and noticed a little head.

It was the tiny head of the  kitten, It was   in floodwaters and was conquering to stay afloat.

Seeing the hopeless and stressed  which  needed help, Skip did something motivating. He jumped into  the waist-high floodwaters to rescue the endangered cat.

While the current was strong, Skip carefully made his way through the water. He reached the kitten, who was grateful for his help.

Skip and  Skip’s wife took the kitten in. They dried the cat off. While the cat was a little afraid  and shoked by the ordeal, it was otherwise unharmed.

Skip told KTXL that when the cat warmed up, it was really beautiful and it seemed really calm. The cat had  green eyes.

They thought of  adopting the cat, as they saved  cats in the past times. But they were  already busy with their own cat. They made a decision to save  would be better off with somebody else.

Skip told ABC10 that fortunately, their neighbors were interested  that they now have an adopter. They  gave this poor and desperate cat a very happy ending.

They made a decision to give it names including “Bob”, “Titan “, “Floaty”  and  “Cyclone” .

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