A horse at his owner’s funeral says final goodbye to his owner who wouldn’t let him alone


A horse at his owner’s  funeral says final goodbye to his owner who wouldn’t give up on him. There is a special bond between the horse and the man that went on until the end of their life.

Janna Grapperhaus remembered the story   how her father brought home a “young and vicious stallion”. His  name was Major.

Major was still very  wild animal,  because his  ex-owners were not able to break him.

Although they made an effort with rude techniques. They  beat and left him tied to a place without any water  or food  for nearly  four weeks.

Janna wrote that the time her dad brought the horse  home, he barreled through five strands of fence in minutes of arriving and he’d bite and strike at anyone within far away distance.

But Janna’s father rejected to “break” the horse Major. He preferred to  take the time to gain the horse’s trust and love.

It was a method that others hesitated.Janna says her mother thought the horse was going to kill him. Her mother even gave a nickname to the horse. She called her “Major Deal.”

The father was devoted to the horse. Janna told her father  never broke the horse. He gained his heart.  Her father  worked  hard for hours to earn that abused horse’s trust every day.

Finally it took two years to earn Major  trust and love. So that the horse let  his owner to ride him.

Against all strange things , the wild horse was finally domesticated. There was a real love between the man and his horse.

When dad would go out, Major would kiss him. Janna wrote that the father and the horse  had a  tight bond that only horse people could ever understand.

Unfortunately, Janna’s father recently died. And as his family and friends came to mourn at his funeral, so  did mourn his beloved horse.  Janna wrote that it seemed as if  only fitting to let Major say goodbye.

And in a beautiful moment of saying goodbye Major came to the casket and said goodbye with a last kiss to his owner.

The beautiful and heartwarming story has since that time gone viral on social media. It has over 166,000 shares on Facebook.

It’s a story that shows the power of care, patience  and love, and how we can form real loving bonds with animals:  Janna writes thar love won out in the end.

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