PHOTOS. A heartwarming story about a mother cat who lost her three kittens after this she became a mother of three left kittens in need of care and love


A mother cat lost her three kittens after this she  joined three left kittens in need of a new mother. The name of the cat is Mikey. She is eight years old.

She gave birth to three kittens. Unhappily the three kittens were born weak and too early and that is why they died.

Although even the worst moment is a blessing. A near shelter gave the cat what she wanted. There were three left and hopeless kittens searching for their mother to adopt them.

The name of the shelter where the cats lived was called Dori’s Darling shelter in Houston, in Texas. Amanda Lowe greeted the mother cat and the abandoned cats in need of help and shelter to live. Her maternal feeling  arose and they joined very tightly  immediately.

Mikey even nourished the kittens after just 15 minutes of their joining. It seemed Mikey got along with the kittens very quickly, because she was permitted to be mother again. Look how cute and loving they are. This cat is blessed to be mom again.

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