A woman rescues a weak dog dying of hunger that was left alone in the street


This is a story of a dog which name is Hercules. It is a weak starved dog. Unfortunately he had nobody to help the dog till a girl named Pia came in the life of the dog and she changed the life of this dog.

The small dog was in a terrible state. He was scared to death and weak. It was so unforeseen that nobody came to his support.

He was in a whole bad state, that made Pia be frightened to suffer the loss of the dog.

She carried him to the nearby  vet, who told her that the dog might remain alive if he got better the weekend.

Gratefully, Pia did not lose hope and tried to do everything possible to rescue the dog.A great   supernatural phenomenon the time the dog started to eat once more.

Here is the touching and affecting  moments when he began  to cure.

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