The cat sits quietly and looks how the grandmother mends his beloved leopard toy


Pets have a specific beloved toy with which they  can not imagine their life. They are inseperate part of their lives, they play and even sleep with it.

For this cat which name is Lucas has a favourite toy filled leopard which has the same size as him. The cat is already four years old and has had this favourite toy since the time he was born.He never gives up loving this toy.

These two friends have a tight relationship and now they are indivisible. Lucas always takes his favourite toy with him where he goes. He is fond of the toy even now when the toy is already old and torn.

Alana, Lucas’ mom told the Dodo that he took the toy from zoo with another filled animals. The cat usually forgets other filled animals, but not the leopard toy.

Gratefully, Alan’s grandmother gave a new look to Lucas’ toy when she moved in. The grandmother loved the cat, so she made a decision  to improve and to repair  the cat’s leopard.

Alana said that  He’s had this toy  her grandmother fell in love with the cat the time she moved in. The grandmother saw the toy was ripped and decided to repair and sew this torn leopard.

The grandmother gathered up  the filled and started to mend the toy leopard. The cat  Lucas was  attracted by his grandmother action.The cat looked how the grandmother mended her beloved toy. Alana said that the cat sat beside the grandma and watched the mending process patiently.

Alana said that when the grandmother mended the toy leopard it looked as a new one. The cat was so inspired with the mended leopard toy. We all have a hope that this cat and her favourite toy with live a lot of years together.

What a tiny cute and lovely cat! If you fell in love with the cat  Lucas, please share this story with your family members and friends.

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