PHOTOS. A dog was badly treated and left to die in a plastic bag


Here is a story about a dog who was abused and ill-treated,  packed in a plastic bag and remained to pass away. A dog was seen in trash can  in Transylvania (Romania).

Unfortunately the weak and forceless dog had  an injured leg and its muscle had just started to be eaten by flies.

The dog was skeletal, dirty and thirsty and had a bad damaging and upsetting harm in brain.

Helen Taylor said that it was supposed that the tiny dog was seriously multreated and abused, making an effort to take his life. The weak puppy was taken immediately to Animal Care in Romania, where it was cured and taken care of.

Doctors took an action to do with a tumor in the brain and after that they  took out the caterpillar.

They gave this puppy a name. The name of the puppy is Anora. Anora signifies “light” and “hope”. The meaning is that there is not anything  compared with its big wish to remain not dead and energetic.

It was taken to the United Kingdom of Great after some time. Helen Taylor with her lovely and caring family  adopted the dog. The dog had an operation on his paw. After the surgery his state got better and his health improved.

The dog struggled and overcame difficulties. He is a real strong dog. It is loved by his owner and safe and sound. It is free to run and do what he wants. Share this touching and encouraging story with your friends and family.



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