A dog was treated badly being thrown away in the trash bin and was hardly able to lift his body when a group of rescuers noticed him


It is very nice that there are many kind, caring, warm hearted and good doing people.
Nikki Rubino noticed this sweet puppy nearby sports centre. The dog was in harms and injured and there were many flies and mud all on his body.

The weak and scared dog was not able to go and walk as he was tied from the stick.

Somebody seemingly was brutal to this sweet pit bull. Nikki looking at the pit bull just understood that the pit bull was going to pass away.

Nikki with a friend made a decision to bring the dog to a vet. The state of the dog was unstable. Very kind hearted and nice vets did everything to cure the weak dog.

Charlie is a very cute and smart dog. It’s terrible to notice how people can act rudely to animals like in this case.

It was clear that the dog was as a dog fighter, unfortunately he had to be operated both her dead face tissue and muzzle.

Due to all the kind and generous people who did everything to save the dog and to gift him a colourful future.

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