A unique cat having two different colours of a face became a father of kittens that go with his two faces


This is a cat named Narnia.  The cut cat attracted the attention  of many people with his unusual and uncommon look. The face of the sweet cat is half grey half black.

The owner’s name is Stephanie. The owner of the cat said that the cat was born in Paris and nowdays he lives in Great Britain.

When the cat was given birth she was sure  she was an unusual and extraordinary cat.

Today the cat is a remarkable and mythic cat with having both different coloured faces. One half grey, the other half black.

The cat blossomed as a  icon for admiration and warmth and it was a high time to be a father. He has become a parent to two children.

The most fascinating and absorbing is that the kittens had the features of the father cat. One of the kittens has  grey hair, another has black hair.

The cat has a lot of kittens and all the kittens have various colors of hair.  We are glad to report that on the 29th of June the kittens will be taken to thier new forever home.

The cat is just supernatural and enchanting. It became obvious that the cat has a single DNA.

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