A tiny kitten was saved from severe cold outdoors, the kitty just adores hugs and kisses
A woman named Tiffany was  a field officer of Michigan Humane  She was driving her car as she noticed a tiny grey cat shivering from severe cold nearby
A cute and hopeless dog which name is Wall-E was returned to the animal shelter by his owner with his properties
In 2015 the cute dog was taken first from shelter. The dog was named Wall-E. Unluckily, after three years, the man who adopted the dog brought the dog
Video. A tiny dog was using a boot as a shelter before a man found the puppy thrown away in the litter and saved him
A man named Goran Marinkovich always feeds unsheltered and roaming dogs. Once when he was doing his everyday feeding proccess he noticed a weak and very tiny dog.
A sweet dog which lives in a shelter shows his hand as a sign of greeting with those people who pass near his cage
A dog named Speck lives in  the Bullock County Humane Society in Alabama. If a person passes by the dog  the dog never forgets to say  “Hi” to passerbies.