The three poor and abandoned kittens were sobbing for their mother as she would never return any more


Once a man noticed three cata sobing for a long period of time and decide to go and rescue the kittens in need of help. With the support of the neighbours he could easily see the place of the kittens.

The mother of the kittens  possible threw away the three kittens. The tiny creatures were 5 or 6 weeks old. They were so poor and sick. The three kittens were abondened and were starving from hunger and thirst.

The man made a decision to put the lifeless kittens in a cage so that he could take the cute creatures home. It was not difficult for the man to put them in the cage and take home as the kittens were very calm. The kitten which had a name Thoir was very happy to say Hi to his new brothers and siaters. They were glad to live cheerfully  and friendly with one another.

Although the man did all in order that the kittens had a good life under perfect circumstances they continued to notice the absence of their mother cat. The man looked after the kittens very carefully fed them and gave something to drink. They are taken care of and loved.

Luckily the poor kittens had a fortune to meet this kind man althoug they still went on missing their mom. Now they have a forever home and sisters and brothers. Thanks to the neighbours, the man and supporting Thoir they are loved and taken care of.

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