Unattractive puppy bitten by thousands of bees was abondened by his owner, till a kind-hearted woman notices his uniqueness


This story is about a dog from pit bull breed. His name is Stinger. He has a health problem. He is  a good dog which was born deaf.

It is a mixture of pit bull. A lot of bees bite the pit bull and take the pit bull down on the floor.

The weak pit bull was bitten by bees in a very terrible way and was instantly brought to the vet.

Unluckily, the weak dog Stinger heard of his mother and father as well as saw them the time he was brought to the veterinarian.

However the weak puppy did not yield, he is a wonderful puppy. He is fond of everyone he sees, he is a true example of how to can protect and overcome all hazardous situations in your lifetime, he is very cute, good looking and lovely.

Now, fortunately the dog has a forever home and after being treated well he is safe and sound.

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