PHOTO. The time all the dogs were playing cheerfully a weak husky stood on one side in a very miserable and frightened face


What happened in this story is affecting but fortunately it has a happy finish. The rescuers from Harbin SHS came they saw nearly 2,000  dogs in a house in Harbin, China. Among these many dogs one was the most noteable from the many dogs  for the sorrowful and unhappy cause.

As ilovemgdog writes this dog just stood all fozen without moving in one side, frightened and abondened, at the same time other dogs were just rashing and playing with each other.

She also looked very miserable. Her body was muddy and in a dirty state. She was very scared and badly fed. It was obvious that the weak dog Husky  was left alone and failed to be looked after her. It was abondened for some period.

The volunteers made a desicion to take the puppy and gave the name Harriet to the dog. When they took their place in the car, the dog plunk the volunteer’s lap and felt defended in her life for the very first time.

The volunteers took the dog to the veterinarian who just appreciated her age nearly eight months old. Unluckily, this puppy had to overcome suffer and pain in this age. Gratefully she is now rescued and she will be cured very soon.

Luckily, except from the clear illnesses and diseases the hsky is rather safe and sound. First of all above all things the dog  was given a bath and cut off her muddy and miserable hair on her skin.

She was taken to the animal saving centre where she would be cured for nearly two weeks.After some time the dog’s state improved and ger fur got better and began to blossom out.

She was such a kind, lovely and cute dog and nowadays it was high moment for the dog to be adopted and have a forever home.

A woman from Canada noticed the picture of the dog on social media and made a deaicion to take the dog and look after her. The name of the woman is Rosee Vallee. One of the volunteer’s took the husky to San Fancisco in order the dog and the woman met.

Here in Canada the dog husky Harriet began to live her modern life. Her new name is Bailey. The husky has three sibilings with whom she is in a good relations.

The dog Bailey adores hia up to date life and lives happily and very funny way.  Thanks to the valunteers the dog is rescued after seeing rude things and being frightened all her life.

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