PHOTOS. The suffering and devastated puppy was rescued after being stuck in the drain


The stray dog was stuck in a drain full of slop in despair and very sad. It was as if he was going to die and that was possible to occur if the savers did not get a phone call.

In India Animal Aid Unlimited received a call to the support qnd rescueing of the poor and hopeless dog.

The rescuers said that they noticed the dog in despair in the dirth and muddy water all cover in flies.

The poor and miserable puppy was terrible thin and bony and also very fragile and pale.

He was not able to understand what was going on and did not respond to the neighbouring.

The rescuers brought the dog to the shelter and did everything for the recovery of poor creature. They even did not want to think about the worst that could happen. After some days the dog was able to eat and drink properly.

After a few months the dog could not be known, he was changed abruptly to the better. He looked wonderful and healthy.

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