It is very difficult to find a forever home for this kitten who has a ginormous tumor on his face


It is very tough to be an unsheltered animal, but when the pet is handicapped or has health problems is worse and more difficult. And unluckily for many unsheltered animals it may be a matter of dying if someone does not help or give hand to these pets.

The cat named Keta is a few months old, but unfortunately he suffers from a serious illness. Gratefully, the rescue, Unwanted NYC Pets, noticed the kitten in time and gave her curing.

The cat had a tumor on her mouth. It grew bigger and spread a day after a day. It was as big as a baseball.The cute kitten was suffering and just surviving. He had a deep emotion to live. Due to the rescuers he is saved and not left alone.

The noteable solution was the surgery that should be done immediately. But doing the surgery was very risky and tough task. The cat may lose his vision, eat through the tube and it will be difficult to find a forever home for him.

The poor kitten was examined carefully. When the tumor was being examined completely the cat thanked the doctor just purring.

The cat Keta is now happy after being operated and luckily there is not any difficulties and the tumor was removed very easily.

The cat does not have trouble while eating . Now the big tumor became even smaller now. Her life is more colourful and now the only problem is trying to get a forever home for the feline.

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