PHOTOS. The puppy having a unique and misshape look step by step gets all the love and care that he is worth


Nobody will ever understand what occured to this dog in real. The vets aaid that it is clear that the puppy was terribly interruptingly multreated. She was possible beaten her whole life.

The puppy was two years old and had a little weigh just 20 pounds.  The puppy does not have a nasal antrum,  jawbone. He has a difficulty in moving because of injured her legs and back. Before all this health problem he has a awful trauma.

The married couple Stephanie Paquin who was  the manager and main founder of  Passion four Pits and her husband, Mike Fleury were at the Orange County shelter wanting to adopt a dog as they did regularly.

The founder of the shelter wanted to know whether they wanted to adopt a special puppy.The couple was told about the odd and miserable look of the puppy but Paquin was interested to see him and was surprised seeing the dog. The dog was so high spirited although he had overcome difficulties.

The name of the puppy was Khalessi’s. The dog was so happy and playful as he moved his tail showing his happiness and curiousity. It seemed as if he felt that he is saved and adopted by this kind people.

The puppy is with Stephanie and is taken care and cured fully. She will never be put for adoption and he will be treated and pass many medical procedures and courses.

The puppy is very lively and also the bravest of all dogs in the shelter. Anybody who sees the puppy feels the joy that the puppy spreads.

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