Heartwarming video. A touching story. A devoted and kind penguin continues to come and see the old man every year, who rescued his life a few years ago


The cute penguin visits the old man who rescued his life once. The penguins comes 8000 kilometres to see the old man.

This happened in 2011 when the man noticed the small penguin. The poor penguin was covered in oil and was on the edge of death. The man immediately made a decision to save the cute creature by washing him, curing and taking care of him.

Then man gave the cute penguin a name. The penguin was named Dindim. Even 10 years have passed but the penguin does not forget who gave him a second chance to live.

The man named Joao decided to release the creature to the water of the sea. But the penguin did not go. He went to the sea after 11 months. He changed his feather and after that left. Many people thought he would not come back.

Surprisingly, the penguin came after some months. Every time he comes and see the fisherman who saved him. They cuddle each other, the man and the penguin are true friends. They are real example of kindness and devotion.

This story makes everybody’s heart melt. The man is worth praising.

Here is the video about this true friends:

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